Our process

This is a backstage look at what happens in Nahual and to our fabrics that turn into your garment later on.

All of them are made and dyed one by one. We do not produce them at once but we dedicate time, care and all the necessary process for each design.

We only use textile bases from natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, that are non-processed or hand dyed from natural elements. Likewise, we are adapting our designs to avoid fabric wastes, zipper use and any plastic supply by using buttons  made of wood and coconut

Fiber preparation

We wash, boil off and prepare fabrics to obtain color. This preparation can last  2 or 3 days.

Our process

Choosing the tinctorial material

This is one of  the best parts as nature provides us with infinite possibilities, and different hues of colors can be obtained from a single element. Here, we are free to select from flowers, seeds, barks, roots, stems, rinds, fruits, leaves, clays  and so much more.

We can collect plants or native tinctorial elements from our surroundings, making a responsible use of resources, being thankful and taking respectfully only what is needed.

We take advantage of our kitchen’s  or other industry’s wastes such as onion peels, avocado peels, cabbage and turmeric.

Although there are some animals like mollusks and insects that have been exploited since old times to dye textiles, we are against their use or any animal mistreatment. We deeply respect every single living being; that is why, our garments are vegans.

Our process


After choosing our element (depending on the dyeing type too), we soak it to then extract, little by little, its essence, its color, through heat.

This step can last 2 or 3 days.

Nuestro Proceso


After the last preparation step, we plunge the fabric into the tinctorial bath,  so that it slowly absorbs the color of the dye. This  WILL BE ALWAYS UNIQUE, because it is influenced by factors such as the weather, the crop land, the collection time, the origin place, the plant condition, the concentration, the fiber type, etc. We can have an idea of what the color will be. However, the final one will be discovered only at the end of the process, when the fabric is dry.

The result will always be a surprise, we are the means and we control a part but nature is in charge of the rest.

This process lasts 2 to 5 days.

Our process

Cutting and Sewing

All Nahual garments are cut and sewn one by one. We avoid the use of plastic supplies by replacing them with wooden or coconut buttons that are individually and manually  placed. We take time and have the patience required to take care of the  details and quality of each cloth; that way, we ensure the optimum use of materials and supplies.

Our process

Use of wastes

Our main purpose is to minimize the environmental impact at its best. That is why, we use surplus textiles for our brand to elaborate labels, color tests and samples.

We also reuse as much as possible, every remaining water from the process to treat other fabrics or for general cleaning duties; the dyes are exploited until the color lasts, and then  pigments are elaborated from them to be used as watercolors, chalks, or for garment and label printing.

Our process

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